A Collection of Shiny Objects

A Collection of Shiny Objects is a performance collective founded and led by Elizabeth English, Jesse Geiger and Nathan Leigh, with a rotating group of collaborators and associate artists. We create live performance to explore the complexity of contemporary society and popular culture, especially representations of gender, sexuality, class and race. We are committed to blending performance disciplines: incorporating theater, music, dance, puppets, multimedia, and the deconstruction of the artifacts of popular culture. Our process is highly collaborative, involving many participating artists and multiple readings, workshops and developmental in-progress presentations. Our goals for open, in-progress showings are to allow audiences to view and to respond to the work and continue an artistic dialogue about its content and social meaning.

Darling (A Contemporary Rock Musical with Technology)

Loosely inspired by Peter Pan. Peter and the Lost Boys imagined as geeky Bushwick hipsters wandering through a video-game and pop-culture infused fantasia of Brooklyn. Refocusing the story on Wendy, Tiger Lily and Tink, DARLING poses the question:
'How is our evolving definition of adulthood altering the relationship of the sexes?'

Creative Team
Music & Lyrics: Nathan Leigh
Book/Direction: Jesse Geiger
Creative Producer: Liz English

Darling Ars Nova.jpg

ANT Fest 2011 Concert Version

PETER - Mark Ayesh

WENDY - Jane Pfitsch

JOHN - Jacob Mondry 

TINK - Gayle Rankin  

TIGER LILY - Ana Noguera               

Lighting Design: KJ Hardy

Costume Design: Kerry Gibbons

Video/Projections: Dan Scully

RUFIO - Teddy Yudain

TURD - Lance Rubin

TWIN 1 - Austin Auh

TWIN 2/SMIRNOFF - Kathleen Heverin

HOOK(OVSKY) - Jonathan Horvath